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Perhaps one of the most repugnant and horrifying examples of the devastation the corporatocracy creates, is that of the “Dead Peasant” Insurance policy. This is a practice in which large corporations essentially bet upon the mortality of it's employees by taking out life insurance policies on them without their knowledge, and name the company as the policy's beneficiary. There have even been examples of companies elevating the risk factor of its working conditions to increase the profitability of this practice. I think most people want to believe that their employer (to whom they have given years of diligent and faithful service) will be there for them in times of hardship or grief, such as the loss of a family member. Unfortunately this is not the way the profit-at-any-cost corporate world operates, and time and time again, we find the opposite. Because of the confidentiality of insurance policies, Dead Peasant policies are hard to expose. However there have been documented examples of some of the worlds largest and most well regarded corporations participating in this.


The height of greed and repugnance spawned unyielding devastation to those that have served and reviled you as their savior. You fill their ears with the rhetoric of family and community all the while with your heel upon the throats of those trusting enough to believe the lie. Betrayal comes so easily when the bottom line takes precedence. Unrelenting avarice as you profit from loss. Your pockets are lined, but at what cost.


from Cynarae, track released August 15, 2011



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Cynarae Portland, Oregon

______ violence. See you in the dollar bin.

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