Pillars of Salt (The Left Hand and The Right Hand)

from by Cynarae



Often, in egalitarian thought and social justice struggles, oppressive forces in human society are viewed as separate, though equally destructive entities. Racist power structures, rampant LBGTQ discrimination, systematic patriarchy, non-human animal abuse and murder, corporate desecration of the middle and lower class and many other forms of oppression are viewed as divergent forces. This is not the case. Just as our oppression, suffering and exploitation is entwined, so too must our fight for liberation be. Consider that the forces that continually silence, marginalize, subjugate, exploit, abuse and oppress us are not a collection of separate entities with their own vision and goals. Rather they comprise the left and the right hand of the oppressor, and both are clasped firmly around our throat.


The pillars that bear the weight of this edifice are comprised of the salt of the earth. Stamped down with every breath. The structure endlessly reaching towards the sky, a monument to the ceaseless suffering left in it's wake. Built upon our backs. Strike at the pillars. This monstrosity must fall. Strike at the pillars. All that bends our knees, binding us to subjugation, are not divergent forces. Make no mistake, they are the left and right hand. And both are clasped firmly around our throat.


from Cynarae, released August 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Cynarae Portland, Oregon

______ violence. See you in the dollar bin.

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