Prescribed Burn

from by Cynarae



The pharmaceutical-industrial complex is among the world's most greedy, callous and destructive. This industry is built upon the backs of the poor, ill and afraid, offering false hopes and quick fixes in exchange for real cures. In the same motion, this industry convinces individuals that they need these drugs, while inflating prices to unaffordable levels. Humans are not the only victims of Big Pharma's myopic greed. In addition to this, It creates a multi-billion dollar economy of unnecessary, egregious and cruel animal testing that is taxpayer funded, repetitive and useless (animals and humans are biologically different, and therefore the data extrapolated from these tests is useless when applied to humans. Remember Vioxx? That passed animal testing and then killed nearly 30,000 people). Ultimately, the Pharmaceutical Industry is just that, an industry. It has a vested interest in keeping people sick.


Time and time again, we throw our bodies upon the pyre, sacrificing ourselves upon the altar of convenience, an offering to the gods of the quick fix. The serpents lie coiled as their moment approaches. We lumber on, tired, hopeless and desperate. Our weakest moment, darkest time their chance to strike. The ill, feeble and desperate become their prey. All will be razed, laid to waste, and the ruins set aflame. The ill, feeble and desperate become their prey. Torn asunder, tossed aside without a second thought. Leaving a wake of desolation.


from Cynarae, released August 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Cynarae Portland, Oregon

______ violence. See you in the dollar bin.

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