Prostrate in Obeisance

from by Cynarae



When looking at the modern incarnation of human society, we see a continuing trend of humanity making choices that are counterproductive and detrimental to our own survival. Ecological Devastation, Human and Non-Human Genocide, Slavery, War, Economic Disparity, Disease, Pollution and many other issues are among these, though it does not stop there. Time and time again we see how these actions have caused Humans, Non-Human Animals and the earth to suffer boundlessly and eventually they will lead to all of our destruction. It is time to raise our voices, get off our knees and make our lives worth living and our world worth inhabiting. The destruction of all that we know has gone on for far too long and will only continue unless we stop it.


Cast our eyes upon the ground. Bow our weary heads. Cast our eyes upon the ground. Avert our gaze. prostrate ourselves at the foot of the throne. Time and time again we refuse to lift our heads, choose our salvation and break these chains. Again and again our refusal to act reveals itself. Our silent complicity will be our ruination. We destroy and in turn will be destroyed. We will reap what we have sown.


from Cynarae, released August 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Cynarae Portland, Oregon

______ violence. See you in the dollar bin.

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